New dimensions in condensation chimney design

New dimensions in condensation chimney design

Our company has been dealing with the distribution of flue gas pipes since 2011 after several years of construction activity. As a result of the expansion of condensing technology and the ever-tightening of regulations within the profession, in 2017, with the collaboration of SAS software art studio and Bausoft Kft, we developed a unique planter and scaling program in our country that offers the possibility of designing the condensation chimney on our online site. through price quotation and through procurement to heat and flow engineering.

Planning the condensation chimney

chimney plannerIn the current state of the chimney planner program, the max. The most commonly used H-FLUE combustion pipes for our 60 kW capacity (residential) condensing boilers can be used to design the H-FLUE flue pipes that are used by our company. This program offers the possibility of both single- walled and concentric "pipe in the pipe" and multilayer insulated systems in the selected diameter.
The flue gas discharge material can be PPs, PPs / Alu, INOX, INOX / INOX, Insulated INOX / INOX.
Using this program, the designer is in a position to model 3D in the system you want to execute. When selecting the combustion equipment, make the factory smoke flue diameter data, and use expansion or splitting fittings if necessary. Easy handling is provided by various features such as rotation, decision, transparency, magnification. To avoid any mistakes, we have chosen different colors to distinguish between different materials.
Additionally, the program excludes embedded items that are incompatible with the system. If you make changes to the workflow, you can use the corresponding buttons to delete the elements individually or even the entire branch. The design is closed by inserting the end elements.

Making a quote and purchasing material through the program

Continuing the previous session, we have the opportunity to add the additional items needed for the completed chimneys to the basket. We can make the contents of the basket by adding different prizes to a complete quote, the extent of which can be written freely. This completes the process of planning and material writing, which can be printed or saved after registration and forwarded to our customer. After accepting the bid, you can order the planned system by opening the saved project.

Preparation of heat and flow engineering

During the above-mentioned registration, you may be required to qualify for the scaling. When the request is approved, the scaling function becomes active. The size and appearance of the scaling surface is the same as that used by many Bausoft Chm-Bau32 chimney scanners. The difference is that in this development only the systems modeled in the chimney planner can be calculated. The completed scaling can also be saved and printed.

chimney calibrator

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