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I.G.C logoCA in Slovakia Ziar Nad Hronom / Garamszentkereszt / Established in 1995 is a company engaged in the production of aluminum and plastic flue gas pipes. It has its own dusting plant. It is very flexible in handling the needs of customers, since 2005 we are in contact with the satisfaction of both parties.

Homepage: www.igc.sk

Mk logoThe factory in Zary, Poland, is the largest chimney plant in its home country. The Polish heavy industry, including stainless steel processing, was always at the forefront of Europe.
Much of the stainless steel linings and the insulated systems come from here. The production is almost completely automated, and the precision and craftiness of the products leaving here are unique.

Homepage: www.mkzary.pl

Haflex logoHaflex, a manufacturer of flexible tube manufacturing machines, is located in Trier, Germany. His machines are being used by almost all European flexible pipe manufacturers. According to the material and design of the tubes, we can offer different types of dual-layer stainless steel lining tubes, which are suitable for pressurized and gravitational modes, both wet and dry.


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