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Flue drainage professionally

The rigorous and constantly changing regulation of flue gas drainage systems affects all market players.

Everyone in our family business started in 2011 is a highly qualified professional. Thanks to conscious change management, our product range is always tailored to modern standards, guaranteeing our partners the highest quality and standard parts and systems.

CE: Affordable Quality

All our products are available from our webshop, and our products are CE marked, that is, they meet the requirements of the European Technical Approval and the localized, harmonized standard.

We select consciously our suppliers, knowing the standards, so we can provide quality assurance to our contractors. Among our products, we offer the chimney systems and components of the non-widespread, but of the same quality brand names, which are known in our country.

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Expert planning

With our design software for our partners, you can order the exact amount and size of the items required for the execution of the work even through our webshop. Design under professional conditions and choose reliable, yet affordable products as partners at all parts of the country!

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